Have blood work done when exactly?

  1. Have blood work done when exactly?

    it's been a little over a month since i finished post cycle therapy for a four week prohormone stack. how long do you guys usually wait to have blood work done? to be honest before now the only reason i've ever went for any type of blood test was when a condom broke with one of the high school slut buckets.

  2. You could go get blood work done now to see how your profile looks.

  3. i know some people who aren't on a budget who get one before, during, directly after and then either 2 or 3 months later.

    to be more specific...how long do most people usually wait after PCT to have a blood panel done to verify their natty test? i understand that liver enzymes are more of a concern directly after a PH cycle.

    old school - M1T and transdermal 4-AD is what i ran btw.

  4. I usually wait at least a month, if not 2, after PCT to get blood work done to see where I'm at.
  5. Question

    I've been curious about getting tested durin cycle. What exactly are you looking for? Is it just to check on your lipid profiles in order to freak out your doctor? Or can you tell something from the testosterone levels? I thought that the testosterone levels wouldn't mean anything since the steroids would show up as test and you'd have no idea where endogenous levels were anyway.
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