Gyno sufferers

  1. Gyno sufferers

    Since i'm new to the club of unfortunates who have experienced gyno, and I have a question. Have any of you experienced like a tightness in the chest, or bloated feeling in the chest? Ever since I started treating my gyno, I've had this unconfortable feeling in my upper chest. It not even really around the nipple, and it almost feels like a palpitation that doesn't go away. I've had it before when using AIs and such, but it promptly went away after discontinued use. I stopped all treatment for gyno about a week ago, which was a Nolvadex taper along with 6-oxo, and some b6. The nipple in question shrunk down, and the gyno seems to have subsided except for this feeling in the chest, and its not from working out chest. Also, my chest doesn't appear to be getting any bigger, it basically looks like it always did. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

  2. Bump for any input, I assume its just some est still floating around in the system casuing some bloat, but not sure. I read some info on another forum bout a batch of epistane actually being tren acetate. I think I got this batch, because my capsules didn't have a strong sulfur odor, and there were big yellow chunks mixed in with off white powder. The gains were decent though, and it would explain the tren-like sides. However, I think the jury is still out as to whether this is true or not.

  3. Your not alone!!!! WHen i was in my Pct with Novla i experienced the chest tightness for the about 3 days. Once i stopped the Novla it subsided

  4. I have lost a lot of weight and have had gyno for about 6 years, I have been reading about this problem and decided to try and treat it with Nolvadex at 20mg daily for 3 months, I was wondering if anybody more knowlegable on the subject could give me some advice and insight.

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