still shutdown 8 weeks after cycle?

  1. still shutdown 8 weeks after cycle?

    i ran an mdrol cycle 8 weeks back (20/20/30) and experienced some pretty noticable signs of shutdown.

    my pct consisted of nolva for four weeks (40/40/20/20) with formadrol extreme.

    midway into the third week i found out my nolva was fake....

    so i was pretty much relying on the formadrol.

    after the first bottle the boys were fine i felt awsome had gyno like a little ***** but i felt AWESOME

    so the next day my boys are all soft again but i still feel great.

    so i got to the store and bought another bottle.

    im about to finish this bottle and was gunna log wat happens so hopefully you guys can help out.

    if im still shutdown i think im gunna run a test-e cycle just to get my hormones to a base line then do a PCT right.

  2. just give it some time they will level out... my first cycle a couple years ago i ran SD with a sh*tty pct, rebound XT i believe and it took a couple months b4 i was back to normal

    no sense jumping back on

    plus jus cuz your nuts are small doesn't mean test levels arn't normal... the size has to do with sperm production not testosterone

  3. Hey brother, My first Superdrol cycle was kinda screwed, I was uninformed and didnt do the proper pct, had no Serm so I was relying on 6-oxo and Novadex XT after that, took AGES to get things back to normal. Id stick with your nat test boosters and wait it out, I had to but all was well in the end.
    Throw some Tribulus in there too, never hurts.

    I just did my second Superdrol cycle and ran Nolva, and a bunch of other stuff and my balls were huge and solid in no time, sex drive through the roof. But.....when my pct was done pretty much (as I stated in my post "Late onset Gyno?") My tits HURT, small lumps under each nipple. Im waaay done with the Nolva/Tamox and on to other things so I went and bought Formadrol Extreme, I tried asking poeple what they thought I should do at this point but so far have had no response.
    What happened to your Gyno in the end?, did you just continue the Formadrol?
    Im just trying to figure out if I should hang in there with the Formadrol or go see my doctor.
    Thanks mate.

  4. honestly i dont really care about my gyno now. ive had it since i was a little kid it got a little bigger and im just gunna deal maybe get it removed further down the road.

    in a couple of weeks (or when i get the money wich will probably never happen...

    im gunna run an stane furazadrol and raloxifene cycle gain some dry mass cut up and the raloxifene stane and PCT nolva should destroy the gyno ive heard great results on reduction of gyno from stacking raloxifene with epistane im just throwing the furazadrol for a little bit more muscle

  5. I have had the same thing happen with using fake nolva/clomid. Took me like 3 weeks to realize the **** was fake. On top of that I don't have next day access to that stuff I had to wait a week or so. It really stressed me out but it worked out. Hell, I know people who don't even need to run PCT treatment, they are just very resilient and get back to normal levels without help. I am curious to see what would happen to me If I didn't do any PCT at all after a test cycle. But then again I don't like to waste my time. But honestly I feel PCT, although beneficial is kind of overrated.

  6. I know, some people have no issues whatsoever. Im 29 though, my nat test lvls are lower than some of these young bucks so maybe im more prone to the estrogen related side effects at this point. You guys think I should hang on and see if the Forzadrol takes away the titty pain? or you reckon I should go see My doc?
    Kinda lame if I had to take Nolva again this long after my cycle, things are going insanely well running the Applied Nuitracuiticals stack, id hate to interfere with my progress at this point but I dont want my B cups to turn into C cups either!

  7. How bad is the tit pain? cause it's normal to be tender when on a cycle. Unless you feel a lump forming then that is more serious.

  8. Its very tender to touch, feels bruised. Sometimes it hurts without being touched too. Theres definately some small lumps there.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by hurlockiv View Post
    Its very tender to touch, feels bruised. Sometimes it hurts without being touched too. Theres definately some small lumps there.
    I have had the same thing many times, it went away when I took 40mg of nolvadex for a few days.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by hurlockiv View Post
    Its very tender to touch, feels bruised. Sometimes it hurts without being touched too. Theres definately some small lumps there.
    Yeah, formadrol most likely will not get rid of it. At this point, you may need some letrozole. That will most likely relieve the pain almost immediately. But you have to be careful with it, because it will take your estro levels down to just about zero, which isn't good either. I would recommend following it up w/ nolva to avoid rebound effects. PM me if you want specific directions on how to use it.

  11. There is an otc serm that is being marketed to women in menopause I believe. You can buy it at lots of national chain pharmacies. I have no idea how effective the product is, but you could grab that and run it will waiting for nolva or clomid

  12. What is it called bb?


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