Late onset Gyno

  1. Late onset Gyno?

    Ok fellas, ran a cycle of Dianevol, 6 weeks.
    Was my second cycle thus far, good gains, nice strength increase, post cycle therapy consisted of Nolva.10mg per day I believe, Milk Thistle (throughout the cycle too) , Applied Neutracuiticals stack of RPM, Drive, IGF-2, Neovar. A good multi vit, Novadex XT. Everything seemed fine until I ran out of the Novadex XT and wasnt able to get to the store for 4 days to resupply. I finally made it back but they were out so after reading some opinions on Formadrol Extreme I went for that, came with a free bottle of their test booster too. Ive been taking it for about 4 days now and my nipples are still very tender and there are definately some small lumps/bumps under each one.
    My question at this point is should I go see my doctor or just continue with the Formadrol?
    I did what was reccomended for post cycle therapy regarding the Nolva/Tamox, and it seems strange how the possible gyno would arise so long after my cycle.
    Appreciate any help, thanks guys.

  2. Dianevol, Superdrol clone correct? Superdrol is notorious for prolonged gyno, which looks like is your case. 10mg of Nolva a day for PCT is far to low bro. That right there could be your reason why. I would recommend a 40/40/20/20 format for a Superdrol PCT. Also, how long did you run PCT?

    What was this test booster you were taking too that you got with your Formadrol Extreme?

  3. I ran the Nolva for 2 weeks at 20/10 , unfortunately that was all I had access to. I started the Novadex XT immediately after I ran out but as I said I ran out of it and was unable to get more for 4 days, thats when the pain and small lumps appeared. I bought the Formadrol instead of more Novedex XT, I had read many good posts on various forums about it.
    I think I mentioned this was my second Dianevol cycle, was called Oxevol before they changed the name, I had no Gyno issues whatsoever on my first cycle and gained 18lbs. Only gained 9lbs this time but my strength went way up, I was coming back from a broken hand.
    The test booster is called Trib Extreme, made by LG Sciences also, not sure how it compares to others out there but it came free with the Formadrol. The stack im running by Applied Neutracuiticals should be helping my test skyrocket too.
    Thanks for your response man, im seriously thinking about going to see my doctor as they are still painful and seem to have a few small lumps under each one.
    I just dont know if everything im taking will take care of it if im patient or if I really need to get back on Nolva for a bit.

    My test lvls seem fine though, without having them tested I dont know for certain but im horny whenever my girls around and I feel strong as a bull.

    I also came across a product online today called POST CYCLE SUPPORT by Anabolic Innovations, seems very interesting and much cheaper than going to see my doctor and paying for a scrip for the Nolva, assuming he gives me one that is. Unfortunately I dont have insurance.

    Again, thanks for your input, id really like to be rid of this as soon as possible.

  4. hey bro, it is really necessary to have a SERM for your PCT. If you want to stop it before it gets any worse you really need to get your hands on some nolva, preferably letro! Trust me, prolonged gyno blows dude! I got it real bad after my 2nd cycle of SD too. I was young and stupid. I wasn't very strict with my PCT so i know it feels to be in this situation.

    BTW. Check your inbox

  5. PM sent.

  6. Just so I'm clear, you did a six week cycle of a superdrol clone? How was that? Weren't the sides crazy?
    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

  7. Sides were not bad at all really, some fatigue midday, nothing a quick power nap of cup of green tea or coffee couldnt fix =)

    The only bad one was depression, came in spurts, wasnt too serious but there were the odd days where I was just down in the dumps, hitting the gym extra hard took care of that too!

    All in all, aside from this nipple issue id have to say it was a successful cycle. Having said that the stack from Applied Nuitraciuticals is kicking ass!, not sure if im gonna be doing any hardcore gear for a while now, I feel like I could tear the gym apart with this stuff.


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