Is this Crazy

  1. Is this Crazy

    I have been reading the forums on how serms can relate to gyno. I was thinking about this..
    6-oxo extream for 4 weeks
    Pulsing nolvadex and clomid.. Doing them at high doses every 3 days.

    I have been doing Epi for only 4 weeks at 40mg.. I dont really see how I would get gyno if I did not take a serm everyday... because would I not be shut down? It takes test to make estrogen right? Is the whole point of PCT to get your test running again? Would a high pulse not do this.. then wing off the pulse? Maybe estrogen receptors wont be produced as bad? Is this crazy or a ideal?

  2. Try this thread: Thinking out loud

    There's a lot of good info in there. Also, pulsing serms doesn't make a lot of sense because their half-lives are so long.
    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

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