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Transdermal Resveratrol

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    Transdermal Resveratrol

    Can resveratrol be dissolved into a transdermal carrier like penetrate? How many mg per oz can I fit in there?

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    Yes it can be dissolved in a carrier so i assume it will disslove in penetrate, as for how much i am not sure about that, you will have to test it your self by trial and error, but i would think that it could hold at least 5 grams prolly more, but start with 5 grams make sure it stays in the carrier then just add like half a gram at a time untill you get to where it wont stay in the carrier anymore then your will know for sure next time.

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    There is a board sponsor who already sells it like this and you can buy it at Nutra Planet.

    It is called primodial preperations.

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