Nolva + ATD/AI or Nolva + Corti Blocker???

  1. Nolva + ATD/AI or Nolva + Corti Blocker???

    For a SD cycle of 10/20/30/30

    what would you prefer for PCT?

    Nolva 20/20/20/20
    6-oxo 600/600/300/300 or Rebound Xt 75/50/25/25
    DHEA 200/200/100/100
    Supporting Supps...


    Nolva 20/20/20/20
    a Corti Blocker?????
    DHEA 200/200/100/100
    Supporting Supps...



  2. Dunno why you'd throw the dhea in there, i've never thought it was a good idea to use an exogenous hormone (however weak) in PCT.

    I would also go with the cortisol blocker instead of the AI, as you want to balance estrogen, not eliminate it

  3. i've always implemented DHEA in my PCT, i guess it was just how i learned to do it in the beginning and i never changed it up

  4. The combination of the DHEA and an AI will be sufficient, no need for a cort block imo.

    Do not use a high dose AI without DHEA during the first week of pct.. think about it, there is no testosterone to prevent from aromitizing(sp?). Therefore, all an AI will do is further mess up your lipid profile.

  5. so as far as test production...i am fine with just the Nolva. An AI run inversely is a nice addition, but not neccessary

    and maybe throw in a Corti Blocker if i have the extra cash?

  6. Increase the nolva to 40mg for the first 3-7 days following the end of your sd cycle... i have tried both retain, and 7 keto for cort blockers. My experiences with both were similar. Make sure you have plenty of joint support supplements if you plan on taking high doses of a cort blocker, they make my joints ache..

    ps: i would never go higher than 50mg atd per day, especially without dhea...


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