H-Drol PCT Question

  1. H-Drol PCT Question

    Would I PCT for H-Drol the same as I would for M-Drol.

    Nolvadex 40/40/20/20?

    I've got two bottles of Novedex XT sitting in closet (I bought these before I really learned about effective PCT). Now I'm knowledgeable enough to get SERMS for real Ph cycles.

    and I have two bottles of Diesel Test Hardcore. Should I run all three at once or would the Nolv be efficient enough as a stand alone? I'm sure there's no harm in running the DTH, herbal test increaser. But would the Nolv and Nov XT interfere? And again, is my dosing correct for Nolv on a PCT for H-Drol?

  2. Nolva 40mg/RXT 25mg/Reduce XT 75mg
    Nolva 30mg/RXT 50mg/Reduce XT 50mg
    Nolva 20mg/RXT 50mg/Reduce XT 25mg
    Nolva 10mg/RXT 75mg/Reduce XT 25mg

    Is what I found to be an effective PCT. Would there be any use for my DTH or Nov XT at all?

  3. only nolva?

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