Questions about AI's Post Cycle Support stacking

  1. Questions about AI's Post Cycle Support stacking

    Hello all,

    First off... i wanted to tell you guys how tight this site is! Tons of info and cool people to boot.

    Now for my questions:

    For an upcomming post cycle therapy I had planned on running AI's Post Cycle Support along with AX's aPCT(had a bottle just collecting dust) and AX Retain2. I have had bad experiences with Nolva so i was looking into this alternate approach.

    1) Would you guys suggest starting the aPCT at 0 caps then ramping up to the recommended dose at the end (0/1/2/3)? - any concerns about the 6 bro debate with this?

    2) Should I run Post Cycle Support as recommended (4 caps/day) or taper down (as if it were a SERM - 4/4/2/2)?

    3) Start Retain2 in the 2nd week of post cycle therapy and taper down as well (0/3/2/2)?

    Thank you all for your time

  2. anyone?

  3. what are you cycling off of?

  4. havoc - this is my second run as the first one gave me next to no shutdown and sides. post cycle therapy went find except for the fact that my lab rats got sick off these 2 chems that I tried to give them... :-x

    I really liked the gains that I made and kept after post cycle therapy so thats why I am running it again. This time I will be trying a different approach to post cycle therapy so they don't get sick again.

  5. in my opinion i would never run any exogenous test supps without giving your rats a serm. try some research toremifine its lighter than nolva also were you giving them the straight up liquid?

  6. i gave them pills the first time and they got sick. The second time i got them the research chem and it yielded same result.

  7. alright id get a different definately chem or pill if i were you

  8. kakemix007,

    Thank you for the questions.

    POST Cycle Support was specifically developed by The Sinner, with Havoc/Epistane in mind. Each person is different but those two are not super harsh IMO

    POST Cycle Support should be used at full dosage with no tapering as there is no need to.

    Here is some more info: Cycle Support - Home

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