Adding a few other supps to my Epi PCT, need opinions pleae.

  1. Adding a few other supps to my Epi PCT, need opinions pleae.

    I have seven days left of Epi and have gained a good 8 lbs with a little fat. This has influnced me to cut since Ive hit about 16-17%.

    My PCT consists of nolva 40/40/20/10, Activate Extreme, Lean Xtreme(old version), and Cycle Support. I decided I have wanted a do a nice, lean bulk that could result in some fatloss.

    I was considering adding Leviathan by PAL and Anabolic Pump by USPLabs. I see that Leviathan is in a way a natty test booster with great fatburning characteristics and AP is similar to P-Slin in insulin mimicing. Ive seen reports from just AP that over a long period of time, someone gaining 11lbs of lean muscle while dropping 7 lbs of fat(far-fetched.. but yeah).

    So.. should I add these to my pct or should I simply way till after PCT. And Oh, I have a problem with remembering to take a ton of pills and this would be 4 pill supplements.. so like 14 caps/day (I suck, I know).


  2. What you already have are fine. No need to complicate things. AP possibly if you really want to help maintain your gains from the cycle. For me the first time i took it i was incredibly hungry for about 2 weeks which would help keep the cals up and minimize any loss but might not be cost effective.

    If your bulking, then bulk until the end. As long as you keep it clean you shouldn't put on much fat at all. After your PCT take a look at yourself and see if the cut is neccessary.

  3. Was deff. thinking of passing these on PCT. Thanks for solidifying this idea.

    Im just going to run them after PCT is up. Seen great reviews on both, would love to see them together.

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