Reducing existing Gyno

  1. Reducing existing Gyno

    I did following cycle over 2 months ago:

    DHEA 100mg/Havoc 30mg/Egro Max 30mg/Mega Trn 8mg staggered over 6 wks. I developed pea-size gyno at end of cycle, l. breast. Went thru P C T w/ Nolva, etc. Then did this:

    Cabergoline: 2wks @ 2.5mg EOD.


    wk1: Raloxifine 60mg, Nolvadex XT 120mg
    wk2 Raoxifine 60mg, Nolvadex XT 120mg
    wk3 Raloxifine 60mg, Nolvadex XT 120mg
    wk4 Raloxifine 60mg, Nolvadex XT 60mg


    2 wks: Bromcriptine @ 5mg

    I've run 300-500mg B-6 Thru out.

    Gyno is reducted to now 1/2 pea-sized, not visible, no pain. I want to see if I can get it gone. Thinking about this:

    wk1: havoc 10mg
    wk 2: havoc 20mg
    wk3: havoc 20mg
    wk4 havoc 20mg

    Or same as above but wk5 @ havoc 10mg.

    Look good to kill off minor Gyno?

    P C T will be Tor + additionals


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Synicus View Post
    wk1: Raloxifine 60mg, Nolvadex XT 120mg
    I assume you mean Novadex XT? That product sounds like bunk. Haven't read one positive thing about it.

  3. I would run Epistane rather than havoc. Only reason I say that is because I had a hint of gyno that Epistane got rid of 100%.

  4. How do you get epistane?

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