Nolvadex on cycle/post cycle

  1. Nolvadex on cycle/post cycle

    Would using nolvadex on cycle for estrogen control/gyno prevention at say 10 to 20mg/day have any influence on its effectiveness during post cycle therapy?

    I've got a ton of nolvadex, and I get so paranoid about gyno it's distracting.

    Anyone know of any problems with this?

    By the way I have a slight case of I guess pubertal gyno. You can kind of tell that my right nip sits a little lower than the left if you know what you are looking for. My bodyfat could be lower but you can see a slight difference in fat accumulated below the right nip.

    It was this way before any cycles and hasn't changed since but there is definitely a mass behind both.

    That's where the paranoia comes from. Any worse would suck but it's not really noticeable to anyone but me right now.

  2. it's quite common to take nolva the whole way through with a cycle. If you want to minimize bloat, you may want to look into an AI instead.
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  3. Yeah I'm probably gonna switch over to some formestane for the last four weeks of the cycle along with some epistane, so I'm thinking the nolva all the way through might be considered overkill but is there anything really wrong with that?

  4. If I ever do aggravate my gyno I've read that if you caress your nipples with moist tea leaves in the pale really works well...

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