Has ANYONE Recovered their HPTA?

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    Has ANYONE Recovered their HPTA?

    Anyone that has had secondary Hypogonadism, or has been on HRT, or just simply shut down for a while following a cycle... has anyone in this situation recovered their HPTA and is now functioning (atleast somewhat) normal? I've gone to many forums throughout the years and haven't been able to find anyone to respond and say they recovered? Someone out there has to have done it because if not, why would there be even any restart protocols? It would really be a big help and inspiration to know if anyone has gotten back to normal, even if its just one person... So please if you could help, let me know, thanks a lot bros

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    ABSolutely ABSolute... I have recovered my HPTA; as my numbers reflect in the normal range consistently for a year now. My current issue at hand now is trying to figure out why my progress in "raising" my testosterone levels is going at a snail's pace.

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