1. PLEASE READ THIS!!! Emergency

    I need help. I have a close friend, that is taking pro hormones, and he is only 19, I know hes an idiot. I tried talking him out of it, but he wont listen to a word I say. He took Methyl 1-d, and Liquid Mastodrol, got positive effects. Know he wants something stronger. He bought Oxodrol 12, and Methandrol 50, and he going to take both of them together. I dont know exactly what they are I just know there both banned, and the have to be pretty harmful. I dont know how he is taking them, I just know that he is doing a 4 week cycle. Thats not the worst part, he is also drinks about 4 days out of the week(hard). Is there anything that he cant take to keep his liver from falling out. They only thing he plans to use for PCT is Novadex xt from Gaspari, and milk thistle. I know he needs something like Nolvadex but some guy he knows "say thats for steriods only" and its the same guy that sold him that ****, amagine that. So if thers anything that can help him, so his eye balls dont turn yellow, and his balls shrink to the size of rasins. Thanks alot. Mark

  2. If he won't listen - not sure what you can get out of us.

    Looks like he'll be taking Superdrol and Halodrol clones.

    I wouldn't take another methyl (Halodrol) with Superdrol. It's just too hard on the liver/lipids.

    I flat out wouldn't take Superdrol while drinking 4 times a week. Stupid idea in my opinion.

    Sadly - he has bigger issues than the liver.

    I'm inclined to say let him f*ck himself up. If he's dumb enough at 19 to be taking this sh*t - it's his own fault for whatever he gets himself into.

  3. It is the boards policy to limit this sort of discussion to those of the minimum age of 21. Please take your concerns up his parents or health care provider.

    Thank you.

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