I'm rather new here but have been researching and reading other boards for a few years now. I was referred here by someone on a different board, which sadly has closed down over the past week. I lost a wealth of information as well as some very knowlegable contacts. I'm a sad Weasel, indeed...
I have run a few SuperDrol cycles before, each with a proper post cycle therapy of Nolva or Nolva/Clomid. I just finished a 10 week cycle of Test with SuperDrol added in the last 4 weeks. I started getting some gyno symptoms around week 6 even tho I was taking Anastrozole at .5mg EOD (what the heck?). At about week 7 I stepped up the Anastrozole to 1.0 ED and added Nolva in at about 60mg ED. I ran this for a week and a half and switched to Exemestane at 50mg ED and Raloxifene 120mg ED.
I've been off cycle for 8 days now and am still running the Raloxifene at 120mg and Exemestane at 50mg ED. The lump above my nip has gotten smaller but is still not gone, not sure it'll ever go away completely but I want this killed if at all possible.
I was going to drop the Exemestane down to 25mg ED and run it until I'm out. Any recommendations on dosing the Raloxifene until it's gone? I've got another 60ml bottle of Tamoxifen that I was going to roll in once the Ralox is done.
Like I said, I want to kill this gyno if at all possible but I'd also like to get some estrogen back in my system if at all possible as my joints are killing me. It just can't be good to be running AIs and SERMS at this high of a dosage for this long.
Any help would be appreciated.