Help design my PCT -

Help design my PCT

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    Help design my PCT

    I am over half way through my P-Plex, Bold, 3-AD cycle and things have been going great! I will be using Toremifene as the base for my PCT, but I have several others options to add. I plan on adding a test booster and cortisol blocker.

    Here is what I have on hand

    Activate Extreme (2)

    Bad Ass Mass (1)

    Retain 2.0 (1)

    Inhibit-E (1)

    TNA (4)

    Anabolic Pump (4)

    P-Slin (2)

    Super Cissus (3)

    PowerFULL (1.5)

    What would you choose and why?


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    i would use the activate extreme (to help boost natty test), and retain 2 (for cortisol control)

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