PCT for Jungle Warfare

  1. Cool PCT for Jungle Warfare


    I've heard from some that they've lost their gains after taking Jungle Warfare, experiencing some depression as well. I just finished my JW cycle today and Im not sure what to take in order to keep my gains (Nolvadex??? Clomid??, I have some but I dont want to buy another product since spent lot of money on other supplements) as I will starting a Superdrol cycle in a couple of weeks...

    Any advice....? thanks

  2. I actually don't see a need to run pct for a regular dose of JW but that's just me.

  3. yup.. thats what ive heard.. At the beggining of my cycle contacted ALRI support and they answered me saying to stack it with another of their products. I dont remember its name right now...

    I got around 6 pounds from this product.. I think a little bit of watter retention but got a good muscular shape...

    I just dont want to loose that and dont want it to affect me on the superdrol cycle Im about to start
  4. cycle length

    how long was the cycle?

  5. 4 weeks....

  6. I use it in my pct and it works well


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