HCG...When to start clomid?

  1. HCG...When to start clomid?

    How long does hcg stay active for?

    Gonna do 5 days of hcg at 1000ius with 20mgs nolva. Yet I feel its important to incorporate clomid, and I was wondering how long after my last 1000iu shot of hcg should I wait to start clomid therapy?

  2. ok looks as tho I found my own answer....

    I've thought that the idea of using clomid a day after an hcg injection would be a waste, since your testes have recieved a signal via HCG, the signal still remains strong for a couple days, using clomid at this point only renders it an anti E.

    I've read a few posts claiming that after the 1st week of hcg and nolva administration the second week should be followed by just nolva at 20-40mgs, and 3rd week should begin clomid therapy alongside nolva if desired.

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