Starting my PCT a few days early..

  1. Starting my PCT a few days early..

    I've been running a Superdrol cycle for the past 18 days, but I'm not experiencing any more gains aside from strength gains, so I figured I'd start my PCT a few days early.

    On the scales I've went up about 8lbs, which is a little short of what I'd hoped for (10lbs), but it's nothing to complain about. My strength gains are the most impressive though. My bench has went up about 20lbs, my squat has went up at least 50lbs, and my deadlift went up about 40lbs. And I reached a personal goal of being able to squat 400lbs.

    Will I do another oral cycle in the future? Maybe. It depends on how well I respond to PCT. If for some reason I lose all of my gains during PCT, then I won't do another cycle. If I keep most of my gains, then I'll be happy and I'll consider doing another cycle in the future.

    As far as sides go, I noticed some increase in acne, but nothing major. Lethargy wasn't a major issue, although sometimes I'd get really tired early in the day, even after a good nights sleep, but it didn't happen every day. Lower back pumps were probably the most annoying side though; I only got them during deadlifts and squats, but they were bad enough to hamper my performance somewhat. The weight I was lifting didn't cause nearly as much pain as the back pumps. If I had any testicular atrophy then it isn't very noticeable. My libido is fine as of right now, although I hear that it usually drops once PCT is started. Not a major deal as I don't have a girl to use it on anyway. No hair loss and no joint problems. I was drinking at least 1.5 gallons of water a day, and to anyone planning a cycle, I suggest drinking more, because Superdrol really dried me out (lips were dry all the time).

    For my PCT I've got some tamoxifen citrate that I'm going to cycle 40/40/20/20. I'll take it before bed. I'm not going to alter my diet or training. I'll still be lifting and eating to gain weight to avoid losing any of my gains. I'll also be taking fenugreek. Some people say it's helpful, some people say that it's counterproductive, but I don't plan to take it all four weeks of my PCT, just one or two weeks. I'll still be taking all of my support supplements (RYR, CoQ10, Milk Thistle, Hawthorn Berries, NAC, ALA, ect..). I'm not going to write out the doses of my support supplements, but they're recommended doses.

    Anyway, if anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to ask!!

  2. How many cals did you eat a day? Im on day 9 dosed @20mg and im up 12lbs already. As for backpumps you should take 5g of taurine preworkout and I havent had any yet.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ronnie View Post
    How many cals did you eat a day? Im on day 9 dosed @20mg and im up 12lbs already. As for backpumps you should take 5g of taurine preworkout and I havent had any yet.
    Good job with taking the taurine. I know about it and what it does, and I really don't have any honest explanation to why I didn't take it!!

    As far as calories, I shot for 3000 calories a day. Sometimes I'd be a little under, but always above my calorie requirement to gain weight. Looking back, my advice to you would be to eat as much as possible. I'd still spread it out into 5-6 meals, and keep a decent macronutrient ratio (40/40/20, or something similar), and just eat, eat, eat!!

    I actually think I gained closer to 10lbs than I previously thought. It depends on which scale I'm using, as everyone is different, but I weighed myself on a medical scale today and I was around 185lbs, which is about 10lbs more than I weighed when I first started. People do complement me on how I do look bigger, and I seem to have kept about the same percentage of body fat, but I suspect I've gained a little somewhere.

    But 12lbs is nothing to complain about. I'm like you, I gained the most mass around the end of the 1st week and the beginning of the 2nd week. During the 3rd week I maybe gained a little mass, but the strength kept going up. I noticed the most strength gains during the 2nd week, and they continued through the 3rd week. Very good strength gains, as I previously mentioned.

    But keep on eating and training to maximize the benefits of your cycle. As far as my on-cycle, I think it went well, but I think I could have done better, and if I do another one I'll use the experiences gained from this one. I just started my PCT, so hopefully I'll get my body back in balance and keep most of my gains.

    Good luck to you!!

  4. hey flexo, do u preload on the liver support (milk thistle and stuff) before taking superdrol? and how much during and after?

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