Question On Dose

  1. Question On Dose

    This is my first time running a liquid SERM (tamox) because I no longer have access to pills. I'm just finishing a 4 week of Epi and plan on doing a 40/30/20/10 with the tamox. The bottle reads 20 mg/ml (yes it's the one you're probably thinking of), so would I be right in doing:
    2 1ml droppers/week 1
    1.5 1ml droppers/week 2
    1 1ml dropper/week 3
    .5 1ml dropper/ week 4

  2. Wink

    yes 20/1, 40=2, 30=1.5, 20=1, 10=0.5. Rocket science it ain't.

  3. thanks bros. i know it sounded like a real obvious answer but i kept reading so many different conversion tecniques that i started to bug. i know the source is very trusted around these parts, but thanks for the concern. i'm 2 days in and as always dealing with the ill-lethargy associated with nolva...

    ...gotta do what ya gotta do.

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