After doing a stack with Tren 3 months back, I developed some gyno. I tried getting rid of it with a PCT stack of Restore and Alpha Drive XL, which did little to nothing for it. Then after doing some research I purchased some Letro and Nolva. I would try the Letro for 4 weeks, and Nolva for another 4 weeks for Estrogen rebound.

I noticed that when I was taking Letro, I was completely lethargic. It caused a lot of fatigue and deminished my motivation at the gym. My concentration was poor and I was driving like a little old Asian lady almost getting into two accidents! It was horrible. Although I did notice my water retention begin to disolve a lil', it was not worth the side effects at all. I took it for a three week span at 1.5mg ED for the first and third week, and 2.5 ED for the second week, and it did nothing for gyno. I was going to take it for four weeks but I didn't see any results and the side effects were killing me! Then I switched over to Nolva (ED @ 50mg), which had NO side effects from what I could tell. So far I've been taking it for the past week and already my gyno went down to about 1/3 of what it was. It's barely noticable now! Maybe it's the Letro just taking effect now (not sure what the half-life is) and it just seems like it's the Nolva that's working (like how Republicans say the surplus in the Clinton years was because of Reganomics...), but I think it's the Nolva. Plus my libido is back! I'm going to taper down to 25mg for the second week, 15 mg for the third, and 10 mg EOD for the fourth week.

I'll probably save the Letro for a new cycle in a couple months @ .5mg EOD two weeks before and durring cycle, which at such a low dose, I'm hoping shouldn't have too much side effects. I kind of want to try to "pulse" my next cycle.