Ok looking at a pretty intense cycle coming up.
9 weeks of 4AD/1AD/11-oxo/ EPI/ megazol (all mixed throught the 9 weeks)

currently i have only ever done a PP/superdrol cycle of 6 weeks. I am 250lbs about 9% BF and 6'5. LOTS of experience blah blah blah

My post cycle therapy so far is:

Weeks 1-4: Anabolic Xtreme aPCT/ Retain/ Jungle Warfare/ IGF-1/ PegMGF/ Toremifene + clomid (to jumpstart)

Weeks: 5-8: Lean Xtreme, Bad Ass Mass, PegMGF, Tribulus, Activate, Rebound XT

Weeks 9-13: CLOMID (3 days if needed) ALRI Restore, cissus + powerfull, tribulus,

NOW DO I NEED HCG??? Where would i add that in my post cycle therapy? how does it look to you guys?? thanks