Based on my reading it seems that the 40/40/20/20 Doesn't cut it with Tamox due to a lower % of it b/c of the citrate. So an increase is needed but money is tight and I only have 50 pills x 20mg. I wanted to do 60/60/30/30 or 60/60/40/40 but I can only do 50/50/30/30 but i can only do it for 3 days my 4th week b/c I run out of pills. Do you think I'll be fine? I'm doing a 6 week cycle of Halo-50 original batch 50/50/50/75/75/100. I don't start PCT until 8/10. I know its a mild PH and its better to be safe than sorry but i really can't afford another bottle right now do you think the 3 weeks and 3 days should be enough? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.