does a cortisol 'inhibitor' make much of a difference

  1. does a cortisol 'inhibitor' make much of a difference

    Just thinking. How much of a difference will a cort surpressor make during PCT? Could it be the difference between a few lb's or maybe just one or two?

  2. RETAIN or LEan Xtreme helps keep of the fat during PCT. I think it is a must

  3. Without a doubt. I have done PCT with and without and have kept more of my gains with it and it helped with fat control.

    I would stay away from LX unless you can get it for free. It is close to obsolete these days. Retain 2 is the new hotness.

  4. i'm waiting for more feedback on x-lean as to how well it compares to retain

  5. I don't consider it a "must" but it is nice to have. Either keeps fat from accumulating or even sheds a pound or two...PLUS it helps improve mood.


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