Going On Vacation Middle Of Pct ?'s

  1. Going On Vacation Middle Of Pct ?'s

    i'll be going on vacation to an old highschool buddies wedding this weekend. i'm on week 2 going on week 3 of my post cycle. i will be gone for three days and three nights. to be quite honest, no matter what i tell myself now, i know i will be drinking, probably not heavily, but in moderation over the course of the weekend celebrating. i can dose my torem and massfx/hdx2/retain that morning i leave but am worried about the torem the other two nights. like i stated, i will most likely be under the influence. should i dose early in the day or just hold out until i get back meaning i will have missed two days?

  2. I would just keep dosing and take some liver support. I hold myself back when im on a cycle even if its a big event. Ill have a drink or two and call it a night.

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