gyno from a propadrol/sustevol cycle.

  1. gyno from a propadrol/sustevol cycle.

    213lbs up from 209 a week ago when i started
    13% bf
    lifting experience 11 years(7 years serious)
    ive been taking 2 propadrol(60mg) and 1 sustevol daily. sustevol is a mix of pheraplex(5mg) ,superdol(5mg), and halodro(50mg)l.

    getting puuffy "out" facing nipples with a tiny bit of pain but not much. is this due to propadrol being a progestin as well as superdrol?

    would and ai or serm cure this?

  2. tattoopierced1
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    i'd get some letro asap. I got gyno from superdrol, and nolva (tamox) did nothing for me, been using letro for about a week and i've noticed the gyno getting softer and the lump slowly decreasing in size.

  3. what dosage on the letro

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