Am I doing too much for PCT for a PH Cycle?

  1. Am I doing too much for PCT for a PH Cycle?

    Halodrol-50 Original Batch #82407 10/07

    Week 1
    50 x 1 ED + Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support

    Week 2
    50 x 1 ED + Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support

    Week 3
    50 x 1 ED + Winadrol (aka Orastan-A) if not this then I might be getting Gaspari's but not positive yet + Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support

    Week 4
    50 x 1.5 ED + Winadrol (aka Orastan-A) + Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support

    Week 5
    50 x 1.5 ED + Winadrol (aka Orastan-A) + Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support

    Week 6
    50 x 2 ED + Winadrol (aka Orastan-A) + Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support

    Post Cycle Therapy
    Weeks 7-10
    Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support
    Axis Labs HyperTEST
    Lean Extreme
    Higher Power DHEA 200

    My question is are all of these needed for post cycle therapy? Can I take something out or replace something? Any suggestions? Or is all of this ok? Money is tight so I think I might stack the Winadrol during week 4,5,6 so I only need to get 1 bottle but if this is not a good idea please let me know. I'm doing 6 weeks since this product seems to kick in slow usually around week 3 or so and I thought it would be ideal to prolong the cycle a couple more weeks and see what this stuff can really do.

  2. You still need a serm

  3. might not need the DHEA on that cycle, but I guess it depends on age too or if you think it'd help you transition. I'd swap the DHEA for a serm like nolva myself, but definately get some nolva, chlomid or toremefine citrate in there. Think I'm giving torem a shot in my next pct.

  4. Are you running cycle supprt leading up to the cycle?
    Halo gave me gyno flareups and caused some lactating. Anything around for this?
    Some additional info would be good ie. weight, previous cycle experience.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hman85 View Post
    You still need a serm

  6. here we go again.....were are the anti serm guys? use a serm as well. esp if you are going cycle past 4 weeks. look for research chemical sites you can order them and its not that expensive at all.

  7. On second thought, running an AI during week 5+6 could also be a good idea in case gyno appears or in case you're worried about any gyno. Some 6oxo/trione powder should be ok at that time. Better to be safe than sorry. It's a lil expensive so you may be better getting the trione powder from NP and capping it yourself.

  8. Yeah im running cycle support through the entire cycle and post cycle therapy...i forgot to ask in the original post if a SERM was needed. I'm going to go with Tamoxifen Citrate since I can easily obtain it in pill form. Should I drop the DHEA then? Thanks for all your input so far.
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  9. somewhatgifted...i was told to load up a week or 2 before my cycle but is it really necessary? I'm sure some people do and some people don't but if you all think its a good idea to prevent any problems then I'll def do that.

  10. I'm going to be frank with you and it likely goes against everything that you may see posted here about sponsor supplements.

    Cycle Support is NOT REQUIRED. Run some ALA/NAC and some milk thistle if you insist. I run ALA and NAC all year long so I f I was to be someone who cycled I would not by Cycle Support. I am not saying it is not good for you. It is just not necessary. I have run 50mg of SuperDrol using only ALA/NAC and my liver profile was unchanged and well within normal range while on it. Again, it is a good product for many reasons, but it is the kitchen sink approach, and that may be what you want, so go ahead and get it if you like.

    Hyper Test is NOT REQUIRED see below
    PowerFull is NOT REQUIRED see below
    Higher Power DHEA 200 is NOT REQUIRED see below
    Lean Extreme is not a bad idea.

    Run Tamoxifen Citrate as follows:
    Week 1: 40mg
    Week 2: 20mg
    Week 3: 20mg
    Week 4: 20mg (optional 10mg)

    Be sure that you have a supply that is accurately dosed. 40mg of Tamoxifen Citrate is only 26mg of Tamoxifen. If you have Tamoxifen Citrate that does not compensate for the citrate weight then run 60mg and 30mg respectively.

    Lean Extreme is a good idea but the issue of cortisol is a bit exaggerated in the write up. You could live without it but it is not a bad idea.

    Tamoxifen Citrate is a SERM and will directly stimulate HPTA, LH, GnRH, etc. This is what you want.

    $34.95 Hyper Test
    $34.95 PowerFull
    ~$25 Higher Power DHEA 200
    Cost savings approximately $100 with shipping

    While you are at it educate yourself: Clomid, Nolvadex, and Testosterone Stimulation | Mind and Muscle

    Note that nothing you mentioned in your list is on their except for Tamoxifen Citrate

    The above is just my personal opinion. So please take it for what it's worth.

  11. I agree with B here, but I think the kitchen sink approach when it comes to your health is good. Cycle support covers all of the non-hormonal problems you MIGHT encounter duding your cycle.

    Liver enzymes and Cholesteral being the biggest concerns.

    But I personally like cycle support because of the help it provides other functions, like your heart, your blood flow, your prostate, etc.

  12. Agreed! Cycle support is good for your health regardless.

  13. well i do care about my health and i kind of already ordered it so im stuck with it...i didnt know Toma is underdosed by that much. Ok now I'm sure im gunna hear it after this but whats ALA/NAC...i forget what the acronyms stand for...sorry.

  14. Some retailers don't compensate for the citrate weight when they tell you it is 20mg/ml of tamoxifen. It may be 20mg/ml of tamoxifen citrate. The citrate is about 33% of the weight so tyhe active tamoxifen is only 66% of the 20mg you take.

    NAC (N-acetylcysteine) is an antioxidant and is in your cycle support
    ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) is an antioxidant and a glucose agent

  15. B...should i double the dosage? Say take 80mg wk 1 and 2 and then 60mg wk 3 then 40mg or 30mg wk 4? Ok, so all i need for the post cycle therapy is the Toma, Cycle Support, and Lean Extreme?
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  16. No, do the math. I told you what to do in my first reply.

  17. There he is.

  18. my bad i didnt see the 60 and 30 that you wrote. So everything looks good though?

  19. The only thing you NEED is the Tamoxifen. The other stuff is helpful and will be your choice to make. OK?

  20. sounds good thanks so much for your help i really appreciate it

  21. It's my pleasure


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