Confused about Toremifene MG Vs ML

  1. Confused about Toremifene MG Vs ML

    everyone mentions

    120mg, 90mg, 60mg, 30mg

    but, what is that in terms of ML?

    does 1ML = 60MG?

  2. well it depends on which torem you get. A good one is 60mg per ml, comes in a 60 ml bottle so yes 1ml=60mg in that case. Others are 30mg per ml, 1ml=30mg 2ml=60mg.

  3. any reliable info on how much of a given dose is toremifene & how much is the citrate?

  4. It appears that 88.5mg of brand teremifine citrate is the equvilant of 60mg teremifine. Based on those numbers and the numbers of Tamoxefine Citrate and Clomiphene Citrate it seems that the citrate is a constant factor of ~32% (32.2)

    Depending upon your retailer you could be underdosing by a factor of 32%

  5. The better suppliers will dose it appropriately.
    Here's some odd info for you though:
    Nolva = Tablets are 20mg Tamoxifen
    Fareston = 60mg Toremifene
    Clomid = 50mg Clomiphene Citrate

    What I'm saying is that if you look, Clomid's dosing actually includes the citrate. The others don't. So your liquids company needs to know what they're doing. I read the backs of the actual pharmaceutical packages myself... Clomid is the oddball in the dosing.

  6. I got mine

    The bottle says 60mg/60ml

    so, im guessing a full dose/1.0 = 60mg

  7. Yeah. I know the team very well, and I'm sure that it's 60mg/ml.

  8. some of those postings may want to be edited???

  9. Why? That's a research supply company. Not a source.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by N4cer View Post
    Why? That's a research supply company. Not a source.
    OK not sure, Im not trying to be an ass i just didnt want to see you guys catch s**t....all good

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bluecollar View Post
    OK not sure, Im not trying to be an ass i just didnt want to see you guys catch s**t....all good
    I gotcha man. But the mod team here is a great team. If it's not allowed, the can edit it. Not a worry. We're cool.

  12. does xxxxxxx have a web site, I am going to start my epistane cycle today and need to get my post cycle therapy together.

  13. See, this is what happens. Inevitably someone askes for the source. Usually someone with three posts who doesn't take the time to read the board rules.

    This is the only warning!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by N4cer View Post
    But the mod team here is a great team. If it's not allowed, the can edit it.
    Yes we can and yes we did.

    For those of you that question the closing of this thread consider the following.

    The rules state:
    If you ask for a source for:

    - steroids - ancillary meds - DNP - clen - T3 - pro-hormones - liquid products - or anything that is not legally sold

    you WILL be permanently banned

    Why? Because openly posting a request is *illegal* does not allow open source posting or open source requests!

    As of now, the legalities of Epistane/Havoc are still unknown therefore do not fall under these rules. Since they are sold by the largest of retailers the legalities of these substances are unknown, therefore they are an exception for now.

    If you source post, you are jeapordizing the safety of users including yourself.

    The users who break this cardinal rule will be immediately removed from this forum with extreme prejudice.

    AnabolicMinds requires that you must be at least 21 to engage in steroid discussion.

    Remember: Talking about steroid/illegal drug use on an internet forum is perfectly legal and the discussion aspect will NOT change

    . Talking about buying and/or selling steroids/illegal substances on an internet forum is illegal!

    This activity is considered: conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance!

    This is a federal offense!

    This is a zero tolerance rule. What does that mean? No excuses! Ignorance is not an excuse.

    If you are banned once, don't come back. Multiple user names will be banned and removed.
    Please keep in mind that the staff reserves the right to ban violators immediately. In this case a one time warning was issued for those unaware or ignorant.

    Whether a source is an on line store front or someones basement makes no difference. Last time I checked things like Toremifene and Tamoxifen are still research chems and fall under this rule. We don't allow sourcing posting for research chems.

    In the past we have had a board sponsor that dealt in reseasrch chems. Because of that they no longer advertize that site here on the board.
    Several sponsors have been removed and others are making changes. will no longer be affiliated with the selling of research products. If you need that information, I am sure you can find it elswhere. The sole reason for this move is to protect the ownership of this forum as it grows. We don't want to do this but due to the increasing pressures of this industry this is the move we have to make. Its the same as certain companies pulling their line of products. No more, no less.

    Research items will be treated as other illegal substances from now on. Discussion is fine, source posting is not.


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