I'm in the 4th week of PCT from a mild 8 week test cycle and I have a blood test scheduled in about 10 days. I just added . 5mg of Letro to my 20 mg Tamoxifen because I have about a pimple sized sore spot under my rt. nipple. I plan on running the Letro until the soreness goes away and then for about a week after that to ensure success. I will then continue with 20 mg of Tamoxifen for about a week and then to 10 mg for about 1 week. I have two questions: 1.) How will the use of Letro and Tamoxifen affect my blood test? and 2.) At what dose and for about how long should I continue Tamoxifen after the Letro to avoid any estrogen rebound?

*I'm currently taking 600 mg Milk Thistle, 1200 mg NAC and 600 mg ALA to counteract the toxicity from the Tamoxifen. I did the same while "On", but with a slightly higher dose of Milk Thistle at 1 g.