Post Cycle Pharmaceuticals for Bodyfat Reduction

  1. Post Cycle Pharmaceuticals for Bodyfat Reduction

    I am 6'2" 325 lbs. with 30% bodyfat. 25 was the lowest it had been in a while. I workout like a beast. Lots of weight training and cardio. I eat 4-6 small meals per day. I need to drink more water and rest more.

    I had my testosterone measured. It was 425 mg/dl. Pretty low. I have use OTC prohormones before, and wondered if this could be the cause of the problem.

    I lost a bunch of bodyfat, but now I have a problem with bodyfat around my waist and chest. In my reading, I discovered that this may be estrogen related. I have researched both clomid and growth hormone. Both have been suggested to me.

    Any recommendations would be helpful.

  2. I'm kinda confused as to what you're looking for...

    An AI will dry you out, and surely give you a harder appearance in the chest and midsection.

    Clomid could stimulate more testosterone production for you, which would aid in fatloss a bit if that's what you're looking for.

    I think you could try something OTC like Mass Fx and Hyperdrol X2, which will boost test and lower E for you nicely. I'll point Mace and Dr.D to this thread...

  3. Yeah, Hyperdrol 2X is a good start. I think for fat loss and test boosting, this is care my friendly than a SERM and the results would be more permanent. MFX increases fat burning with HD2X and increases lean mass which in turn contributes even more to fat burning, but it's not as crucial as the HD2X.

    GH is a leaning compound for sure also. If you have the cash, it's worth considering. Even OTC hGH boosters are fairly effective, like an arginine/ornithine/l-dopa stack at night or certain Rx drugs like clonidine, very slimming!

    For mid 30's, 425 is not too bad actually. Doing PH before was not likely to hurt. Doing steroids when you're younger can result in suppression that actually increases your test levels when you get older! When the boys go into hibernation, it slows down the clock on their total output (anti-aging effect basically) saving it for the future, so your test levels will be higher in old age than they would have been otherwise. As long as you don't complicate it with super long cycles followed by bad PCT's.

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