rebound reloaded vs. rebound xt

  1. rebound reloaded vs. rebound xt

    What's the consensus on which is better for PCT ? I'd think rebound reloaded would be the better product, but I still see plenty of people still using XT and it's still being sold.

    I'm also adding toremifene (used one other time with phenomenal results), and might throw in some other goodies.

  2. I remember over a year ago people found out that RXT was giving a lot of users delayed gyno. I read a huge thread about it over in bb'ing (i know... ick). People were so stocked a few years ago that it helped with existing gyno conditions so they started using just that, and it helped for a while, then the gyno came back harder.

    I think all that hubub had something to do with them making Reloaded.

    Personally, I think there was just a handful of people that had the delayed gyno from it and, like everything else on bb'ing, it got blown out of proportion.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by aquanutz View Post
    like everything else on bb'ing, it got blown out of proportion.
    Yup. Just like my biceps. :bb:

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ShakesAllDay View Post
    Yup. Just like my biceps. :bb:

  5. So is it going to have a similar effect as far as pct?? Or was the older version considered better.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by vidapreta View Post
    So is it going to have a similar effect as far as post cycle therapy?? Or was the older version considered better.
    They both are supposed to accomplish the same thing. The newer version is supposed to be better (from what I've read, I have never taken it). If you haven't purchased it, and are open to other supps, I always take 6oxo in my pct, I love it.

  7. Here is thread where I tried explain the comparision between the two. Hopefully it answers your questions.

    NHA Stack Killing my Libido

  8. XT has been discontinued but there are still plenty of bottles floating around. It's active was ATD. ATD caused libido issues in some users at higher doses. It also pretty effectively cut down estrogen systemically which has positives and negatives.

    RR contains a different AI which is more broadly reported as being neutral to positive on libido.

    People's bodies react differently to these things. The only way to know what is best for you is to try them.

  9. Having used both I would go with the 6-bromo based Reloaded over the ATD based XT since ATD causes libido issues for me.

    If you have access to it however I would recommend exemestane over both.


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