[Posted this on SSB but no replies so thought id come back to AM and post it here]

"Hey Guys,

Finally getting round to posting my questions on the board..

this ones in regards to PCT, the last two cycles Ive had have required PCT meds.. and ive had similar experiences with both, the first one was Test Prop for 6 weeks @ 150mcg EOD (sorry thats just a guess totally forgotten now) the second one was Test Prop/Var for 6 weeks, 150mcg EOD var 50mcg ED (again this is a rough guess as ive forgotten). oh i was also taking adex .5 ED or was it EOD.. again you get the gist, i'll be reading up before next cycle anyway.

I started to notice shrinkage in the second or third week this continued until the third week of the 4 week PCT when i started to get size back oh BTW for your amusement and my embarrasment it might be relevent to know that i only have one testicle left... funnily enough i lost it while deadlifting the back of my friends car HARDCORE! :-P

(Im sure weve all tried to do that one!!)

PCT consisted of nolva 40/40/20/20

its been 8 weeks now since ive started PCT and only know do i feel that ive got my full libido back.. and after cycle i also lost almost 10 kilos...! was heart breaking! loss of appetite and other personal factors would have contributed, all in all i think i was feeling a bit low after cycle too.

Anyway, i get the impression my body finds recovery pretty hard after Ive been on cycle.. and i lose most of my gains.

I want to make sure i take all meausres next time round, what i have in mind for is:


I havent put together a dosage for these meds together yet, the main issue is that i wanna do it right this time and keep my gains.

do you have any idea why it took so long to recover? weightloss? loss of libido etc? considering i only used Nolva and adex..

am i heading in the right direction with the above meds?

oh BTW, next cycle will be Test E and Deca..

thanks heaps in advance guys!"