Anyones opinion on cardio during PCT.

  1. Anyones opinion on cardio during PCT.

    I am a week into my pct from epistane. The weather is finally getting nicer and I'm aching to get to training on my road bike. I could'nt help it I had to ride 30 miles today. What does everyone think should I chill out on it though.

    I've seen conflicting opinions on this in the past but not much as of late. Just wondering what peoples experiences have been in this regard?

  2. good question as id like to know aswell...

    What about HIIT (non workout days) while ON Epi/Havoc?

  3. i am confused as to why you think cardio during cycle or PCT is a bad idea? go for it!

  4. During a cycle I think its a great Idea however I don't want to sacrifice any hard earned muscle that I gained during the cycle to energy for my workout.

    I have heard people that are against cardio post cycle. That is why I asked the question.

  5. eh dont worry too much about it. sip on some BCAA's during your cardio and you will be fine.

  6. if your an ecto like me, I dont do cardio pct. I lift heavy but reduce the #of sets. I have to take it easy pct or I lose weight quick.


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