Is this too much for a PCT ?

  1. Is this too much for a PCT ?

    I'm just finishing a 5 wk superdrol cycle and about to start my post cycle therapy which includes:

    Wk 1 & 2 : Clomid, NHA stack (including Activate)
    Wk 3 thru 5: Nolva, NHA stack (including Activate)
    Wk 6 : Finishing tapering off with Rebound reloaded & Activate

    My question is I was thinking about throwing in some PowerFULL, Super Cissus RX and DHEA with my post cycle therapy but I'm not sure if that's overdoing it with too many supplements ?

  2. nah, looks good to me...what doses?

  3. wk1: Clomid 150mg/d, RR 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 75mg/d
    wk2: Clomid 100mg/d, RR 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 50mg/d
    wk3: Nolva 60mg/d, RR 50mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 25mg/d
    wk4: Nolva 40mg/d, RR 50mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d
    wk5: Nolva 20mg/d, RR 75mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d
    wk6: RR 75mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d

    PowerFULL & Super Cissus RX : I'll be taking the recommended dosages on bottle for the full duration of PCT

    Thanks man for the response !

  4. thats a pretty hardcore pct...i would probably drop the nolva dose a bit personally...but i think more people should run stuff like this, especially due to how supressive sd has been shown to be...

  5. yea I try to play it safe but still not trying to overdue it. What would you recommend for the Nolva dosages?



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