PCT necessary for promagnon 25?

  1. PCT necessary for promagnon 25?

    I'm on week three of 50mgED P25 with as it turns out very little if any results.
    My libido is the same and my nuts are the same. I am wondering if this stuff did anything at all.
    I have some tormefine that I would rather save for a future cycle if I dont need it.
    Can I stop the P25 and wait to see if I need the serm, or is it something I need to start before I experience symptoms?
    I am going to run another NHA stack with some powerfull, super cissus and tribulous for pct regardless. I'll add 6oxo at the end if I run the toremefine.


  2. Yea, I didn't get much of gains from it either. I still am running Nolva at 40/30/20. I don't like to mess around when it comes to things like shutdown.

    But honestly, I'm on the fence with it. I do believe that you may get away with only a bare minimum of PCT. I forget who I was talking with on another thread who ran a P25 cycle and just rant nolve at 20mgs for 3 weeks and felt fine...

    P25 isn't a great compound, IMHO...I would rather have run an AP/DCP stack... or something like that.

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