methyl masterdol... sides after 3 days?

  1. methyl masterdol... sides after 3 days?

    1st post btw. Hello all.

    31 years old; lifting off/on my entire adult life (13 months continuously now); 5'11"-210-bf%??? probably 15%; 1RM: bench-335, dead-465, atg-415; GPP SUCKS!!!!!

    I'm generally paranoid about roids/prohormones, but decided to try masterdrol based on a friend's experience.

    I've been taking 30 mg ED for the last 3 days. I've noticed a lil joint discomfort and a few zits. Serious sides shouldn't appear until about the 3rd week right?

    I plan on running 30mg for 30 days (my whole supply). I know methylated prohormones should be run at lower doses (10-20mg)to assess tolerance, but I've been feeling so PUMPED in the gym I decided to go a lil more aggressive. I've been thinking though, and I'm going to lower the dose tomorrow to 20mg ED.

    PCT is identical to the protocol Dr. D recommends in the "running serm inverse to ADT thread." I will be using torem: It came today .

    Thanks for reading.

  2. You don't know what you are doing. If you have never used any prohormones/roids, it's likely you will achieve more than average results even at a low dose for the entire three weeks. So, it's your first try, and you are doing high dose and you did not even mentioned the use of support supplements for liver, blood pressure, etc. IMO, you are looking for trouble. And yes, you can have side effect even on the third day.

  3. You're taking a VERY high dose. The standard dose of this product is 10 mg per day for the first week; 20 mg for the second week; and either 20 or 30 mg in the third week. Experienced users sometimes play around with this but it is a very potent compound and as it is your first time, you will likely experience both the good and the bad effects at a greater rate than an experienced user. Do a search on this board for "superdrol" and read, read, read.

  4. 10 it is...

    cycle support you say: hawthorne berries-check; taurine-check; milk thistle and liver tabs-check; saw p.-check; efas-check; raloxifene on hand for signs of gyno-check; no nsaids and alcohol-check.

    I've put some $$$ and thought into this cycle. i guess i got a little stupid early.

    thanks for the reality check.

  5. If you can get some SuperCissus Rx from USP Labs, it may help with the joint pain. Methyl Masterdrol is the same as Superdrol and Superdrol is a pretty potent anti-e from what I understand...the end result is that your joints will tend to suffer while I said, SuperCissus may help.

  6. yup...

    I've got a bad knee, and have been off/on of cissus the last years or so (currently on).

    The discomfort's minor; the last couple of days are better since i dropped the dosage.


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