Over a year ago, I did a six day cycle of SD. It was cut so short because I immediately developed an enlarged prostate. I got scared and did only a two week 6OXO PCT. Needless to say, it didn't help much.

Slowly but surely my T levels and testicular shrinkage returned to normal. Problem is that while I have a healthy libido, once I do have sex, I can't get it up again for several hours afterwards. My loads are huge and forceful; earlier I shot one next to my girl's head that landed on the pillow. Now, I, even if I wanted to, won't be able to get it up til morning, 8hrs from now.

I have read that prolactin can cause that same thing. Could orgasm be releasing much more prolactin than it ever did before?

My labs showed prolactin to be 14 in a 0-30 range.

Any ideas or suggestions?