Another set of eyes for my PCT

  1. Another set of eyes for my PCT

    First off, I would like to know if one bottle of Liquid Nolva would be enough for a 3 week cycle of superdrol. Not sure what the dosage would be for it, I have never taken the Liquid before. For my post cycle therapy I plan on running liquid nolva, 6OXO starting at 600/400/200, 1000-2000mg of fish oil, 600mg of Milk Thistle, beast pak, and Maximum Greens. I may even stay with some Taurine if needed. If someone could let me know if this looks OK and let me know the best dosage for the liquid nolva. I plan on running my SD 3 week cycle with 10/20/20 if that helps any. Thanks for the information in advanced.

  2. Dose Nolva at 60/40/20.

    If it's a 60ml bottle, it will be enough.

  3. This brings up another question I have. When running a 3 week cycle of superdrol do you need a 4 week PCT or 3? I seems many people are doing a 4th week, but is that necessary... spending more time on PCT than the actual cycle.

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