Nolva vs Novladex XT

  1. Nolva vs Novladex XT

    I know that Nolva is much better, but I have seen people say they have taken XT and have had no problems. I just wanted some more feeback about taking XT instead of nolva. If I took XT with 6OXO how much would I need to take for it to work. I am just curious what people have taken instead of Nolva after a SD cycle.

  2. Nolvadex XT or that stuff by Gspari nolvedex XT?

  3. Yes, that is the stuff.

  4. tomoxifan citrate 40/40/20/20
    rebound xt 25/50/50/75
    cycle support by AI

  5. Novedex is an aromataise inhibitor. It will bind with the enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen. In doing so, it creates an estrogen deficit and the body produces more testosterone to compensate.

    Nolva is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. It blocks the estrogen receptors (primarily in breast tissue) and causes the body to begin producing testosterone.

    Through trial and error, the concensus is that a SERM is really necessary with a suppressive compound such as superdrol and that an AI is an optional addition.

    The AIs work great as stand alones to raise test but they are not sufficient to re-start a suppressed HPTA.

  6. thanks for clearing that up yeahright
  7. anti-estrogens

    what is a better blocker, sucicide blocker or ai?


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