SNS Methyl Plex Xt critique and PCT recommendations

  1. SNS Methyl Plex Xt critique and PCT recommendations

    I am about to start a 4 week cycle of sns MP xt. It is going to look something like this. I need advice for a post cycle that is affordable and effective. I also have AX Perfect Cycle liver support. Can I take that along with the AI cycle support, or should I just stick to one or the other? I know cycle support has more stuff in it that will hopefully protect my body a little more. I'm only 22, should libido concerns be a big issue?

    Wk 1: AI cycle support, 10mg MP xt, multi-vit.
    Wk 2: AI CS, 20mg MP xt, Mult. Vit.
    Wk 3: AI CS, 20mg MP xt, Mult. Vit.
    Wk 4: AI CS, 20-30mg MP xt, Mult. Vit.

    Weeks 5-8: AI CS, CEE, and ?

    Other than not having a post cycle therapy, how does the original cycle look? I'm not going to start until I have my post cycle therapy figured out and supps purchased. Also, how many mgs of CEE post cycle should I be taking? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. I guess nobody has anything for me. Why is this section called post cycle therapy?

  3. you should definately have a SERM in there for the most effective PCT....when it comes to shouldn't be "whats most affordable"'re messing with your endocrine system...can't put a price on that!

  4. have tamoxifan citrate 40/40/20/20. Novadex xt and rebound xt, 25/50/50/75 either one should be used for PCT. Hopefully u have not started your cycle, because it sure looks like you did no research. Just my 2 cents. good luck

  5. 2 ai's bad idea

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ECTOmorph View Post
    2 ai's bad idea
    I think he meant one or the other.
  7. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjo View Post
    I think he meant one or the other.
    yup i said one or the other. Thanks for reading my post carefully.


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