Calling Dr.D!

  1. Calling Dr.D!

    DR.D, I'd really appreciate your input on the following. I am trying to decide on the optimum post cycle so that i can maximise my gains and get my HPTA and sex drive working again!

    I'll be doing a superdrol clone cycle of 10mg for the first couple days, then upping it to 20/20/20 for 3 weeks.

    I'll be using cycle support etc while on.

    However for PCT i'm thinking of doing the following.

    Nolva - 60mg first day, down to 40mg for rest of week 1
    Week 2 at 20mg
    Week 3 at 20mg

    Now i also have some Rebound XT which according to most of your threads should be good to throw in. Should i taper up and back it inverse or keep a constant dose?

    I was going to run it at

    Week 1 - 25mg
    Week 2- 50mg
    Week 3 -50mg

    I will also be using a natural test booster (tribulus) throughout pct.

    Whats your view on the Rebound XT dosage? or would you just run Nolva solo?

    I really appreciate your help!

  2. Thats been covered so many times read the post cycle therapy section on the forum.

  3. yeah i know its been covered, but i wanted a personal opinion from Dr.D...hence the topic name

  4. He has a whole thread on serms inverse taper to reboundxt for post cycle

  5. I'm pretty sure I remember Dr D saying he doesn't recommend nolva as PCT for superdrol, and that he thought it might be connected to the reports of delayed gyno (apologies if I'm wrong Doc, it's a while since I read up on it).

    This being the case you might want to look at using clomid or toremifene (I would go with the tor) in place of the nolva.



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