Nolva Only?

  1. Nolva Only?

    So my cycle is coming up in about 45 days and i'm preparing everything so it is done right.

    So far I've planned to do a 3 week cycle of Methyl-Drol XT by SNS (Superdrol clone) and was going to stack it in a 10/20/20 (with the option of jumping straight into 20mg after 3 days of 10mg. (Depending on how i feel)

    For liver protection, blood pressure etc i will be using Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support (which is the best!), this will be taken 5 days prior to cycle (supplement loading), during cycle and post cycle.

    I also have Taurine on hand in case of severe back pumps.

    Now, for Post Cycle (post cycle therapy) i was going to run Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) at the following dosages,
    1st day 60 mg
    Remaining 6 days at 40mg
    2nd week at 20mg
    3d week at 20mg
    so i guess 60-40/20/20

    I'll also throw in some Tribulus to try and increase libido.

    Now i have a couple questions.

    1) When do i start the nolva? the same day i finish my cycle? or next day?
    2) Would my planned post cycle therapy be sufficient or do i need to run it longer?
    3) Is a nolva only post cycle therapy good enough or is it very advisable to stick in some HCG?
    4) I also have some Rebound XT...should i leave it out, or possible run it inverse to the Nolva?
    Thanks guys

  2. 1. I would start the Nolva the morning after your last dose of Methyl-Drol.
    2. Your PCT looks good. I would maybe do 40mg of Nolva the first half of the second week just to be on the safe side.
    3. Many people have seen great results by just using Nolva, so I'd assume it's okay. But everyone is different.
    4. I would run the RXT.

  3. thanks for help!

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