Superdrol PCT

  1. Superdrol PCT

    I am in the middle of a three-week superdrol/Mzol cycle. I would like to have opinions on the following PCT protocol I planned.

    week 1: Nolva 40mg/ATD 25mg/Activate 3 pills/fenu 3 caps/DHEA 150 mg/ Reduce XT 3 pills

    week 2: Nolva 30mg/ATD 50mg/Activate 4 pills/fenu 4 caps/DHEA 100 mg/ Reduce XT 2 pills

    week 3: Nolva 20mg/ATD 75mg/Activate 4 pills/fenu 5 caps/DHEA 50 mg/ Reduce XT 2 pills

    week 4: Nolva 20mg/ATD 75mg/Activate 4 pills/fenu 6 caps/DHEA 50 mg/ Reduce XT 2 pills

    I am considering using 40 mcgs of Clen on weeks 3 and 4. Obviously, all chloesterol and liver support supplements are included on cycle and during PCT.

    Please give me your input on this scheme since this is the first time I will be using Activate and I don't know for sue about the most adequate dosage on a Superdrol PCT.

  2. Looks good man. Personally, i use Activate starting at the last week of PCT. I find its benifits (esp stacked w/CEE) give a great freshness and lifting boost to the end of my PCT. Most of the time, i just feel bleh but this certainly helps.

    I am currently on my second week of PCT from a lengthy 7 week PP/SD stack using close to the same PCT protocol.

  3. JZ,

    How were your sides on that cycle. I tried the Phera/SD cycle stacked with Prostanozol at the start of the year. I was my best cycle in terms of gain but the worst in terms of sides. I actually stop it in the middle of the fifth week (middle of 2nd week of Superdrol) and I had a hard time recovering.

  4. My cycle was PP: 20, 30, 30, 20 (wks 1-4)
    superdrol: 10, 20, 20 (wks 4-6.5)

    Sides were close to non-existant on the phera, except for a little bloat. Overall great strength gains (+30 on everything), wet mass, increased hunger and libido.

    Come time of the superdrol, i lost apetite right away (almost like takin stim-x on a cycle) short fused, moody and didnt feel as good working out, especially 1-2hrs post workout. I had mild back and shin pumps if i did any cardio.

    However, my gains were leaner at the sacrifice of strength. I lost about 5lbs on everything. I am pretty tolerant to sides, but after doing 3 superdrol cycles, I can say it really isn't worth it IMO. I actually stopped mid sd wk 4 cause i felt like dump. Especially above 20mgs (has been the threshold for most).

    I have never tried prostans, but i hear it is a great amplifier to stack with either and low sides. Someone can add more experienced based info here, but i am going to say your sides were caused by superdrol.

    Just follow through with that great post cycle therapy, ending w/act, then run a standalone of PP or H-50 (tabs) if you want to stay in the Ph relm.

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