Nolva/Retain/Fenu...Do I need anything else?

  1. Nolva/Retain/Fenu...Do I need anything else?

    Ok, planning out a 4 week cycle of PP at:

    At the end im planning on taking Nolva/Retain/Fenu.
    Will these three be enough for proper PCT?
    I dont need an AI do I?
    How important would a natural test booster like powerfull be?
    How do I go about my Retain dosing? I've heard 3 capsED for the whole PCT and also heard tapering 3/2/2/1 by week

    Last cycle I ran was Xmass, just used Nolva. So I've never used Fenugreek before, how many mg per day would u recommend and how much does it aid in getting my libido back ASAP from the cycle? How much are my loads going to smell and taste like pancakes? G/f is going to have a rough couple weeks towards the end of cycle/beginnong of PCT i think

  2. anyone?

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