PCT for a 10week cycle of TestE?

  1. PCT for a 10week cycle of TestE?

    Just was curious what a good PCT for a 10 week cycle of testosterone ethanate would be?

    Was thinking Nolvadex 40mg/30mg/20mg/20mg



  2. add clomid

  3. Toremifene would be better unles you already ahve the Nolva

  4. K. What about this.

    So test E is taken 250mg/twice weekly for weeks 1-10

    post cycle therapy:
    (wk 12-15) Nolvadex 40mg/40mg/20mg/20mg daily
    (wk 12-14) Clomid 75mg/50mg/25mg daily
    (wk 12-19) Viastat


    And Dr. D, whats your view of the ingredients in Viastat? It seems to have a great combo of herbs and such for a great libido boost. Also, would Fenugreek and Muira Puama need to be added for safety?

    I basically want to avoid HCG. Is it possible to recover fully without it from a simple cycle like this?


  5. whould that work also for a TREN/TEST.E cycle ??



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