Prohormone Help Please!!!!!!

  1. Prohormone Help Please!!!!!!

    ok so i stopped taking prohormones months ago because of the huge sideeffect of the libido loss after the cycle but with all these new prohormones coming out im getting excited. is there ANY possible way to counteract this sideeffect without using anything like prescription drugs like viagra:bb:

  2. i think you might want to post in the anabolics section of the forum. u can try maca or herbal stuff like that.

  3. post this in the post cycle therapy section or steroids, read the site FAQ and this should be a leasson to you to research first before poppin pills, like poppin bbs at a bbgun. i think this has been answerd in other posts so if run a search your going to find something.

    this section of the forum is to post reviews and logs of supplements maybe a question here and there but only about supplements not PH , roids or anything related to that

    **** im still wired from the hyperdrive

  4. KHAN!!!!!

    research post cycle therapy, buddy! you need proper support supplements during and natural test boosters and estrogen blockers afterwards.

    Good Luck!

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