toremifine conversion?

  1. toremifine conversion?

    Hey ..

    I was wondering if liquid toremifine needs to be converted in order for it to be "regular tab" dosings like nolva.


  2. It depends on how the maker did it. if the concentration is let say 60mg/ml of toremifene citrate, then yes you will get less than 60mg of toremifene per ml. But if the calculation is already done then you will have the exact amount of toreminfene per ml, caps, or tab. This is the case with Nolvadex (20mg of tamoxifene per tab but actually it is 30mg of tamoxifene citrate per tab) or with Fareston (88.5mg of toremifene citrate = 60mg of toremifene).

  3. thanks bro..i heard alot of good things about it and planning on using for a PCT. hav eyou tried it yet?

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