Halodrol/Winztrol first ph cycle

  1. Halodrol/Winztrol first ph cycle

    Hey fellas, I plan on running my first ever ph cycle in early December/January and wanted to clear up a few loose ends, and make sure that I'm not leaving anything out.

    23 yrs old
    187 lbs
    16% bf

    Halodrol( 1 pill per day/30 day cycle)
    Winztrol( suggested 200-250mg per day)
    Milk Thistle ( need help with dosages)
    Saw Palmetto ( need help )
    SAMe (help)
    Green Magnitude

    Novedex XT by Gaspari ( 2-4 caps at night)
    Reduce XT by SNS (1-2 caps, 2-3 times per day)
    SAMe or Milk Thistle ( help)
    Saw Palmetto (help)

    These are the supps I have on hand, and I also plan on ordering some TOR just in case my rabbit develops some puffy nips, not very familiar with it but I've heard good things. I was also thinkin of usin hawthorn berries pre- and post cycle.

    Could mainly use help with dosages etc of the supps I'll be using, as well as any suggestions you guys might have, I'm here to learn all I can.

  2. If it's your first cycle you might wanna go solo with the Halodrol-50 . I just finished a solo cycle and It works fine by itself and you might not want to bite off too big a chunk for your first cycle.
    The only other suggestion I have for you is get some Cycle Support from Anabolic Innovations (Board Sponsor) It's cheap and it has all the supps (Milk Thistle, Saw palmetto, Red yeast rice, NAC, Hawthorn berry,Celery Seed extract, Idebenone,Policosonol) You can't come close to buying all of these for what Cycle support cost. Plus you mix it with a protien shake and you are done. It beats the hell out of taking a hand full of pills a few times a day.
    Alot of people here swear by it and I am one of them.

  3. My suggestion to you is hold off. Personally I think you can get a lot better with your diet being on point and other supplementation like cee/bcaas or some USP stacks, etc, etc...

    @ 187 16% you have a lot of tuning up before you jump into the world of steroids.

    Also, it seems like you might have a little more research to do, as this doens't seem to be all that thought out.

    I agree with BAMA above me, if you are going to run a cycle and you're dead set on it, run the H50 alone. No need to stack ANYTHING on your first cycle. Also, get Nolva, it's a must in PCT.

    Well, my advice boils down to this, wait and read...

  4. I have actually put a good bit of time into thinking about this cycle, ie I know to preload milk thistle for liver support, hawthorn berries for blood pressure etc. The only reason I didnt get a cycle support package earlier was that I heard it wasnt a good idea to take hawthorn while ON.

    As far as the Nolvadex, I will have toremifene on hand shortly instead of the nolva.

    16% bf was what I was at before I started cutting, and I havent bothered to check it since then.....so bein lazy I just put it around 16% and left it at that.

    Here are a couple pics after my carb cycle, which I believe had me around 190ish.

    A little background info:
    I worked out for about 2 years straight coming outta high school, then took about a 1 year hiatus

    I have been working out for about 4 mo's now that I came back, and was really just lookin to bulk up quick since cutting was never too much of a problem for me.

  5. Any guesses on what my bf% is at now?



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