squeaky clean in time?

  1. squeaky clean in time?

    Hey guys...
    What would I need to do to get squeaky clean for a yearly physical?
    I'm 45 y.o. and I've been on a long term TE program for the past year.
    (350 - 600 mg of TE every 8 to 10 days with .25mg of Arimidex every-other-day).
    All has gone VERY well.

    I have yearly physical coming up the middle of December and want to get my "real" baseline results from the blood work.

    I start a pct program on Monday.
    40mg ed for 10 days
    20mg ed for 10 days
    50mg (2 divided doses each day)
    500mg (3xs a day).

    I'm thinking I could do the total PCT for 20 days.....
    drop the Nolva after 20 days....
    then drop the rest week prior to the physical.

    I'm thinking that the half-lives would work themselves out at that point and any blood work would come back as my "real" readings.


  2. First thing to keep in mind is that it will take at least 2 weeks for the supraphysiologic levels of test to be out of your system.

    My second thought is that you will still be very inhibited at the least and will not have restored HPTA after 20 days post cycle therapy. As well, if 14 or more of those days you have test in your system, you will see nothing from Nolva.

    You don't even start PCT until ~2 weeks after your last injection.


  3. dhea is suppressive.

    20 days of pct is not enough, and since you have been on long term, i would suggest more than just tamoxifen and trib. you might want to throw .25mg of adex in EOD week 5 (if you end up doing the full 4 weeks of pct) to prevent an estrogen rebound, and a nolva/chlomid would do your HPTA better than nolva alone.

    better yet, just use toremifene. it will be replacing nolva and chlomid for pct quite shortly i think.

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