Perfect PCT With USP

  1. Perfect PCT With USP


    The main perogative of any anabolic steroids user during Post Cycle Therapy is to restore pre-cycle functionality to the HPTA. The purpose of this is generally threefold: maintain muscle mass (anabolism and anti-catabolism) stave off fat gain, and restoring sexual function. These are my thoughts on how products from USP Labs can contribute to a well-planned, effective Post Cycle Therapy


    Most Prominent Effect On: Maintenance of Muscle Mass (Anabolism)/Restoring Sexual Function

    Powerfull has an effect on Testosterone in both direct and indirect manners. In an indirect sense components of PureSap contribute intermediately to the regulation of Estrogen, and the biosynthesis of both Estrogen and Androgens. Although oestrogen gets quite the bad rap as a result of its adverse side effects, it plays a key role in anabolism (tissue rebuidling effects), as well as upregulation of Androgen receptors, glucose utilization, and equally importantly, a functioning libido. Quite simply, PureSap can contribute to both a positive muscle building environment, and a high libido because of a well balanced and synergistic hormonal environment. The more direct effect on Testosterone levels, and subsequently muscle maintenance that Powerfull has stems from the 1-carboxy-2-amino-3-pyrobenzol(3,4 diol) component of the product. This analogue was deliberately synthesized to embody the positive effects its parent plant has on regulating Testosterone, and dopamine levels. Together these ingredients influence both the direct production of androgens, and a regulatory hormone cycle which contributes to anabolism, high libido, and the upregulation of said androgens


    Most Prominent Effect On: Staving Off Fat Gain/Maintenance Of Muscle Mass (Anti-Catabolism)

    C2's effects are the synergistic result of many key ingredients. This being so, a more effective analysis of C2's overall benefit to Post Cycle Therapy can be achieved through analysis of its individual ingredients and their favourable attributes.

    Rhodiola Rosea:

    Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen, meaning it assists the body in adapting to stressful situations in both mental and physical capacities. Where it has shown the most promise in an athletic, and specifically weightlifting setting is its ability to stimulate ATP production in skeletal muscle. It has additional stress releaving, and cognitive benefits that may help to alleviate "Post Cycle Therapy blues".


    Lowers levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-Alpha, which can play a role in chronic inflammation due to overtraining. TNF-Alpha has also been shown to contribute to hypogondaism because of its pro-inflammatory effects. Forskolin also effects Test. production in a far more direct manner through increased cAMP production, an intermediate player in the production of LH and Testosterone production.

    Finally, I will let USP do the talking here on Forskolin's direct implications to Post Cycle Therapy:

    Inhibits muscle catabolism. Elevations in cAMP are responsible for limiting catabolism of skeletal muscle. Muscle wasting is a characteristic of numerous disease states, as well as muscle disuse. anabolic steroids users are all too familiar with the latter effect, when hard-earned gains rapidly disappear post-cycle. Much of this atrophy is caused by the action of the so-called calpains. The calpains are a family of calcium dependent enzymes that degrade unused muscle tissue. Calpains in turn are inhibited by another endogenous compound called calpastatin. How is this related to forskolin? It turns out that calpastatin is upregulated by cAMP. Thus not only does forskolin promote anabolism, it slows muscle catabolism when muscle is not being used extensively. This would be expected to be important when a person is immobilized or unable to train due to injury, or is simply unable to maintain the rigorous training regimen off cycle that they adhered to while on anabolic steroids. So we have another potential mechanism whereby forskolin staves off post cycle muscle loss.

    (Above paragraph a direct quote from: SynergyMuscle)


    Caffeine is probably the ingredient in the least need of explanation of its positive effects on fat loss, and athletic performance. For those seeking a more direct explanation see above link.

    It is essential, I feel, to note that C2 has a myriad of other positive benefits beyond those directly related to the Post Cycle Therapy discussion. Antioxidants, nootropics, a marked increase in visual and cognitive function are all positive effects which could contribute to a more enjoyable experience during Post Cycle Therapy. However, in the interests of time and readability I only covered those effects most directly related to Post Cycle Therapy.


    Most Prominent Effect On: Maintenance Of Muscle/Staving Off Fat Gain

    Obviously the most direct effect Cialabol has on athletic performance is the increased ATP production from the CEE. However, the Luteolin and Banaba Leaf Extract create a very favourable glucose environment for both fat loss and anabolism. In terms of Luteolin, many authors have hypothesized its positive effect on both insulin sensitivity and
    pancreatic insulin secretion may be due to its antioxidative capabilities. The reduction of antioxidative stress may lead to the prevention of the aptosis in cells which are necessary to glucose utilization and insulin sensitivity. In terms of Banaba Leaf the most prominent component is corosolic acid, which was shown in a human study to to regulate glyaecmic response by increasing glucose uptake. In both cases the glucose transport from blood to bodily cells is highly beneficial in a Post Cycle Therapy environment where insulin sensitivity takes an immediate drop from levels while 'on'.


    While each product could, and does have a valid application as it pertains to Post Cycle Therapy, their value as a whole is apparent in their synergistic reactions.

    For example, let us look at Fat Loss. In its own respect C2 increases fat loss through FFA mobilization, increase of RMR, increased levels of cAMP, and increased levels of T3. Combine this with insulin secretion and glucose transporting effects of Luteolin and Banaba Leaf and you have a metabolic environment that is geared specifically to the efficient use of glucose without adipose depositing and the metabolizing of Fatty Acid deposits that lead to fat gain.

    Dosing Reccomendations:

    Workout Days:

    3 Powerfull
    2 C2
    4 Cialabol (15 minutes prior, high carbohydrate meal)

    6 Powerfull
    4 C2
    4 Cialabol

    -The dosing here are for deliberate reasons. Powerfull, as stated has positive effects on Testosterone, and dopamine and may be able to exert these levels as rapidly as anabolic steroids with immediate spikes. The most prominent fat loss capabilities of
    C2 are also most prominently when mobilized by exercise, and the dosing of Cialablo will allow for an optimal glycogen environment Pre-WO. All these factors combine for a very charged Workout

    Post WO
    4 Cialabol (once again, high carbohydrates necessary)

    3 Powerfull
    4 Cialabol (this dosing would preferrably be in the latter part of an evening, not dinner)

    Non-Workout Days:

    4 Powerfull
    3 C2
    5 Cialabol

    4 Powerfull
    3 C2
    5 Cialabol

    4 Powerfull
    5 Cialabol

    (keep in mind these Cialabol dosages are the old formula, the new is more concentrated and a lesser dosage is required).

  2. Do you have a link to a site that sells this as a package deal?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bigblue01
    Do you have a link to a site that sells this as a package deal?
    Nope, can't say we do offer this as a package bro. Though once the hybrid YG/Cialabol product comes out I will suggest it to the boss.

    For now, Sport Nutrition Supplements for Bodybuilding and Fitness needs has PFull going at insane prices. And is selling a "Super Stack" w/ 2/3 ingredients included.

  4. Nice. Those links will help a lot.

    Would you suggest this combo as a stand alone PCT stack or would you add other supplements to it:
    i.e. nolva

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigblue01
    Nice. Those links will help a lot.

    Would you suggest this combo as a stand alone post cycle therapy stack or would you add other supplements to it:
    i.e. nolva
    Yeah, in conjunction with a SERM and AX's Retain actually. I just didn't put them on there to focus on the USP Stuff.

  6. Nutraplanet does have a package deal with the above products minus the C2. Just throw it in there.

  7. I cant find USP Labs cialabol. Is it banned or just out of stock everywhere?


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